How are your financial goals?

Every year, thousands of Americans sit down to create a list of goals or resolutions. Over and over we hope that the next year will be better than the previous. I was thinking this year, that I am ready to cross some of these goals off of my list. I mean, really, what will make this year different from 2010. I want my goals to change because I actually accomplish the things on my list. How about you?

So... it's nowFebruary 2009. That's right, it's February. One month down and 11 to go. Instead of catching yourself saying wow, it's ___ month already, why don't we seize the moment instead. I guess all this motivational thought has spared something in me. Every goal needs a good check-up. That is to say that a goal without some deliverable is sort of useless.

With that said, what are your financial goals for 2009? Furthermore, what benchmarks are you setting to both hold yourself accountable and chart your progress. I am personally desiring to pay off my home this year. I know most people think we're crazy because a home is one of the biggest expenses but debt is debt. I am not going to tell myself that I am debt free until I really am!

This is why I am such an advocate about budgeting, saving, and investing- because I have big dreams. Why don't we go through this journey together? I mean, let's dream together but hold one another accountable as well. If your willing, post what your goals are for 2009 (or a link to your post if you have a blog).


small town city girl said...

One little goal I have this year is to keep my receipts organized. It truly helps us save a ton of money simply by allowing us to return items if we need to because we do have the receipts. It also benefits us as we prepare our federal tax returns because we can claim our actual sales tax spent rather than the standard deduction. I keep each months receipts in a legal size envelope with the month and year written on the front and at the end of the month I go through and tally up the sales taxes spent and write that on the front as well. Last year I only got through February before I just put them in the drawer, but this year I vow to be much better.