How do you get all those coupons?

You will notice that many of the deals I post often require multiple copies of coupons. I am often asked how I get so many copies of coupons. Well... I get them many ways. I discovered not long ago that most coupons come in handy at some point. So personally, I:

  • get multiple copies of the Sunday paper. I live in a smaller town where we have both a local paper and a paper from the larger metropolitan area. I get at least one copy of each.

  • ask my neighbors for their copies. When I go walking in the morning, I ask the neighbors that are outside if they mind saving their Sunday papers for me. It makes great conversation & then they don't think I'm a crazy person on recycle day as I get the extra papers from them.

  • make a habit of collecting coupons at the stores I go to. Nearly every time I have stopped at a convenience, drug, or grocery store I see coupons for customers. Sometimes these are "peelies" or ones attached to products. Others have a hangtag version like the ones around bottles and such. I have seen stacks of coupons at the drink coolers and simply sitting on the counter at a number of stores. I cannot tell you the deals I have scored when I pick up a few coupons, store them away, and use them later. They seem to disappear once a good deal is going on, so I have found it much better to pick up a few even if I feel like I won't use it right then.

  • get to know the associates at the stores that I frequent. Just the other day as I was getting a perscription filled one of the gals at CVS gave me a coupon for a free giftcard if I transferred a perscription over to CVS. They also let me know about great deals and other bargains just because I'm nice to them and take the extra time to get to know them.

  • use a coupon clipping service. I know many of you would have never considered paying for coupons but on some occassions, like in the case of a really good coupon or one that didn't come in my local paper, coupon clipping services are very handy. I just tried coupon clippers (banner at the bottom of this post). Most coupons are between $0.05- 0.10 & it costs just $0.42 to ship the coupons you select to you. In scenarios like double and triple coupon sales and with many of the drugstore deals at CVS and Walgreens, the service more than pays for itself with the savings you get.

  • have friends that email/ mail be coupons. I just received the best little present in the mail from my friend and coupon buddy Sarah, a stack of coupons! (Many thanks by the way) It's like Christmas. Another friend of mine brought me baby coupons that she thought I could use. When people know what you like, they send things your way. Try asking family & friends for their coupons.

  • print many coupons online. I use things like the free internet printable coupons on the righthand side toolbar of this page or couponsinc. I print the things I think I'll buy and one or two extras of what I'd like to try if the price is right. You can almost always print these coupons twice by hitting the back button and refreshing the screen.

    So, that's it. That's how I've accumulated my stash of coupons. Do you have any tricks of the trade you'd like to share with the readers?

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