Free Campbell's Select Harvest Soup Coupon (Need text message capabilities)

Campbell's soup is running a special promotion right now for a free coupon for Campbell's Select soup. You'll need a home phone number & text messaging capabilities to get yours. Here's the details:

To receive your coupon by mail, text "Select" to 467467 from your cell phone. Standard messaging rates apply. Promotion ends 1/15/09 and is limited to first 30,000 text messages received. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Offer good only on Campbell's Select Harvest 18.6 oz cans. Offers will not be fulfilled outside of the U.S.

New $3/$15 CVS coupon x 1/9/09

There is a new CVS coupon for $3/$15. It expires 1/9/09. You can head right over to I heart CVS for the details in how to print it out!

Time to enjoy the family...

I am so excited about Christmas this year. It's my son's first. Hubby & I like to joke that it's also our last (meaning all the gifts get transferred to the child in Chrsitmases to come). We'll try our darndest not to let that happen. In the meantime, we are just enjoying our time with family. I hope that you are also. Merry Christmas!

Free 5x7 or 8x10 @ CVS thru Dec 24th

Looks like CVS is following Walgreens' lead by offering a free 5x7 or 8x10 just in time for the holidays. Use promo code ENLARGE by Dec 24th to get a free 5x7 or 8x10. Right on!

Here's what I'm stirring up- Deals for 12/21-12-27

Can you say 17 freebies at CVS this week! Oh my, it's as good as the day after Thanksgiving. Time to get your coupons organized...
    Sunday & Monday only Deals
  1. Arm & Hammer Essentials starter kit, $2.99. Use $1/1 A&H internet printable Spend $1.99 out-of-pocket (oop) and get $2.99 in extrabucks= free + $1 profit! (Limit 5)

  2. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine nail Color, $5.99. Buy (2) and use $3/2 CVS coupon (Reinventing Beauty book) & (2) .50/1 (9/28 SS). Spend $7.98 oop & get $11.98 ECBs= free +$4 profit! (Limit 2)

  3. Listerine antiseptic 16.9oz, $2.99. Use $1/1 CVS coupon (Diabetes coupon book found near pharmacy or front counter). Spend $1.99 oop & get $2.99 ECBs= free +$1 profit! (Limit 5)

  4. L'Oreal HIP Metalic eye shadow duos, $6.99. Use $2/1 (10/5 RP). Spend $4.99 oop & get $6.99 ECBs= free +$2 profit! (Limit 2)

  5. ThermaCare neck to arm heatwrap 1ct, $2.49. Spend $2.49 oop & get $2.49 ECBs= free (Limit 3)

  6. Right Guard Professional solid 1.8oz or aerosol 6oz , on sale $6. Use $2/1 (found inside aerosol boxes) or $0.55/1 (peelie found on solids). Spend $4 oop & get $6 bucks back= free + $2 profit (Limit 5)

  7. Zipfizz energy 3ct, $5.99. Spend $5.99 oop & get $5.99 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  8. Excedrin Express Gels 20ct , $3.99. Use $2/1 Excedrin internet printable. Spend $1.99 oop & get $3.99 ECBs= free + $2 profit plus file for a full $3.99 rebate (found in 10/16 SS inserts)(Limit 1)

  9. Alteril sleep aid 30ct, $9.99. Spend $9.99 oop & get $9.99 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  10. Halls Naturals 25ct, $2.59. Buy (2) and use (1) buy one get one free (found on display units at many grocery stores) & .50/1 (12/7 SS). Spend $2.09 oop & get $2.59 ECBs= free + $0.50 profit (Limit 1)

  11. EAS AdvantEdge bar 2.11oz, $1.69. Spend $1.69 oop & get $1.69 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  12. EAS AdvantEdge shake 4pk, $7.49. Spend $7.49 oop & get $7.49 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  13. Zantac 150 8ct, $4.99. Use $1/1 (11/9 SS). Spend $3.99 oop & get $4.99 ECBs= free + $1 profit plus file for a full $4.99 rebate (form in 11/9 insert) (Limit 1)

  14. Benefiber drink mix 16ct, $7.29. Use $2/1 (10/19 or 11/16 SS). Spend $5.29 oop & get $7.29 ECBs= free + $2 profit (Limit 1)

  15. Iceland Health joint relief 60ct, $29.99. Spend $29.99 oop & get $29.99 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  16. Slimquick 2pk 4oz, $4.99. Spend $4.99 oop & get $4.99 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  17. Sleepinal 32ct, $8.49. Spend $8.49 oop & get $8.49 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  18. Revlon cosmetics, on sale buy one get one free & starting at $3.49. Buy (2) items for $3.49 & use (2) $2/1 (8/24 or 9/14 SS). Spend $0 oop & potentially get the overage toward your other items.

Monthly Deals

  1. Bodiheat 3 count, $3.99. Use $1/1 (peelie coupons found on packages) Spend $2.99 oop & get $3 bucks back= free (limit 5)

*If you're new to CVS, check out my step-by-step guide in how to do a CVS shop- it's a must read!


These prices are good Dec 21-24

  1. Chex mix, on sale $0.99. Use .60/1 Chex internet printable or .50/1 (12/7 SS).= .39 or .49

  2. Del Met Turtle 3 oz, on sale $0.99. Use $1.50/1 (11/16 SS) = free + $0.51 overage

  3. Conair Gel Grips Hair Dryer, $10. Spend $10 oop & get $10 register rewards (RRs).

  4. Carmex Lip Care,, on sale $0.99. Buy (2) use $1/2 & Walgreens in-ad coupon. Spend $0.98 for two!

There are some other decent deals but this is what I'm looking at this week. What good deals do you see? List a comment or link to your blog with scenarios below.

Free 8x10 @ Walgreens thru Dec 20th

I LOVE all of my free 8x10s at Walgreens. There's yet another promo running right now only good through December 20th. Go now and get your free portrait. You won't be disappointed with the quality. If you have trouble with the link, go to & use the code FREEGIFT.

Good news: Food Lion joined Upromise!

I have been loving all of my amazing Food Lion finds. I must admit, I was not an avid Food Lion shopper until just this year when I discovered that Food Lion internet printables could be combined with manufacturer's coupons to rack up the savings. I digress.

I'm even more excited to announce that Food Lion has finally joined Upromise (it's about time people). I love Upromise because you can save money for college for your children, yourself, or anyone else (my son is currently accepting kind benefactors just in case anyone could not find a worthy recipient). In fact, I joined Upromise before baby David was born. Yippie, I'm all about getting a jump start on things.

Be sure to add your Food Lion card to your Upromise account right away. If perhaps you have been in hiding and have not yet signed up for a free Upromise account, you can do so here: Upromise – The way to save for college . I entered all of my grocery store cards, CVS card, & my credit card so that a portion of each purchase I make saves for my kids' education. That's in addition to frequent flyer points and other incentives. Works for me!

To stockpile or no?

*This is not my stockpile but another bloggers :)

To those of you who read here regularly, you will notice that I often suggest that you collect multiple copies of the Sunday paper and purchase many items at a time to get the best deal. Although every week is different, the story is often the same.

One of the results of this kind of shopping is the accumulation of a number of toiletry items, medicine, and canned goods that you may not use for some time. The accumulation of these goods is often called a stockpile.

In coaching a friend in saving the way I do, I heard them say, "that's a good deal but I have enough of that item right now." I quickly thought how different we were in even approaching deals and shopping. My personal philosophy is that I shop & store stuff when an item is free or drastically reduced. This prevents me from running out of something an having to pay full price. For example, a grocery store in my town and triple coupons (up to $1) in the summer. I had fabulous coupons for turkey bacon. Since we try to eliminate pork completely but spend a small fortune on breakfast meats, I stocked up. I purchased like 20-30 packages of meat that were about 90% off the normal price. Only now are we dwindling down to our last packages of meat. I do the same with soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. When something is free or at a low price, I stock up. This works best for me for a few reasons:

  1. We have the space at home to store stuff. We have a large basement with storage, an extra refrigerator, and a large laundry area to store goods
  2. I build the extra money in our budget each month for things that are on sale. In the meat example, I was able to buy enough meat for the rest of the year & still stay in budget
  3. I have a flexible schedule where I can run around to nab sales. This is fun to me & doesn't cause stress

Stockpiling may not work so well if:

  1. you become excessive in getting and storing. Stockpiling works for me because when I feel like we are getting too much we donate it, use it for gifts, or sell it in our family yard sale.
  2. you have limited space. Not all items have to be stored at a certain temperature. Considering storing some items outside or in protective containers if space is an issue.
  3. you don't also plan to organize your goods. There's nothing worse than buying something only to realize that you had one tucked away in the back of a cabinet somewhere. I'm no queen of organization. It seems like I just don't have the time to ever get things the way I want it, but keeping your stockpile organized will save a lot of time and energy.
  4. money isn't a motivator for you. Perhaps time is more of a driving factor in your life right now. A stockpile system might not work for you.

I thought about writing this today because there are a number of layers to saving money. One is the art of spending at the right time, sometimes even before you need something. You'll have to test the one for yourself. To stockpile or no?

Free movie tonight? Redbox Code 12/15/08~ Good tonight only!

I've told you previously about how we rent nearly all of our movies now, Redbox kiosks. Each Monday, they publish a code for a free rental at one of their locations. This one is good until midnight tonight. Why not take some time to enjoy your free movie!

Free Code: 47J2L8

Top Things you Shouldn't buy new: Day Two

Last week I started writing on the Top Things You Shouldn't Buy New. You can read day one's post here. I was inspired after reading an online article on new and used items for the holidays. To be frank, for some items it is just really silly to buy used. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I am really shooting it straight here. This is just my list of things that I buy used for pure financial reasons. I'll be adding to this list over the next few weeks. These are the top two things this week (at least in my view) that you should never buy new:

#3 Furniture
In order to make my list of things to buy used I thought immediately of furniture. Did you know that furniture has the largest markup of any retail sales item? It's true. Sometimes furniture is marked up as much as 50% above the cost of production! We have always saved money on furniture by taking our time in making these purchases. For example, my living room set was purchased at a state drug seizure auction. In fact, we love to find furniture at auctions. If you don't mind waiting to find a good deal, this will work for you. You can check out this post on how to find auctions for more information. Of course, the newspaper is a great resource. You'll find lots of sellers in the classifieds in addition to yard sales (my favorite).

For clarification, second- hand doesn't have to mean mismatched or worn out. I like to think that our home furnishings are very modern and well put together. It just takes a little to scout a good deal before shelling out the cash. The only furniture item to which I recommend a new purchase is mattresses. Need I explain why?

#4 Car
We've all heard that cars loose most of their value the minute you drive it off the lot. I fight with this one because I have actually never owned a new car before and I would love to. That's not to say that I will not purchase a new car one day, but from a sheer dollars and cents perspective, it is wiser to purchase used over new when it comes to vehicles. Not to be redundant, but I also purchased my car at a government surplus auction. It was the best thing I ever did. I got a car with only 11,000 or so miles for about 1/4 the price of a lot. The downside is that auctions often have no financing available so you have to save up, but the savings are overwhelming. Since the car was a government vehicle, it was in perfect condition and serviced all the time. I'd recommend looking into the U.S. General Services Administration which sells cars at auction to the public.

Here's what I'm stirring up- Deals for 12/14-12-20


  1. Bayer Contour Meter, on sale 14.99. Use up to $30 off coupon (10/26 RP). Spend $0 out-of-pocket (oop) and get $5 in extrabucks= free + $5 profit!

  2. Nova Max Glucose Monitor,$9.99. Spend $9.99 oop & get $9.99 ECBs= free (Limit 1) (Good Sunday & Monday only)

  3. EARinse Seawater Rinse (1 oz.), $9.99. Spend $9.99 oop & get $9.99 ECBs= free (Limit 1) (Good Sunday & Monday only)

  4. Sleep MD (10 ct.),$7.99. Spend $7.99 oop & get $7.99 ECBs= free (Limit 1) (Good Sunday & Monday only)

  5. Colgate, on sale $2.99. Use $1.50/1 (recent insert and All You magazine). Spend $1.50 oop and get $2 extrabucks back= free + $0.50 profit!

  6. Pepsi 12 packs, on sale 4/$13. Buy (4) Pepsi One & use (4) $1/1 Pepsi internet printables. Spend $9 oop & get $3 bucks back= $6 for four 12 packs!

Monthly Deals

  1. Bodiheat 3 count, $3.99. Use $1/1 (peelie coupons found on packages) Spend $2.99 oop & get $3 bucks back= free (limit 5)

*If you're new to CVS, check out my step-by-step guide in how to do a CVS shop- it's a must read!


Not too many good deals this week at Walgreens. Here are some notable deals:

  1. Coffee Mate, on sale 2/$2.49. Use (2) $1/1 Coffe Mate Internet printables = $0.49 for two two
  2. Del Met Turtle 3 oz, on sale $0.99. Use $1.50/1 (recent insert) = free + $0.51 overage
  3. Oral B Stages toothpaste, manual toothbrushes (and Zooth toothbrushes, manual), on sale 2/$4. Use $1/2 (11/30 P&G). Spend $3 oop and get $2 register rewards = $1 for two!
  4. Listerine Vibrant Whitening Rinse (16oz) with free 8oz on pack , on sale 2/$11. Buy (2) use (2) $1.50/1 Listerine internet printables. Spend $8 oop and get $5 register rewards back= $3 for two after coupons and rewards

  5. Printer ink (black) is also $5 off this week with the in-ad coupon

There are some other decent deals but this is what I'm looking at this week. What good deals do you see? List a comment or link to your blog with scenarios below.

Entertainment Book '09 coupon $10 off + free shipping

Living in a small town has its benefits and its challenges. One of the bummers is that I am away from lots of restaurants and entertainment. I love a good night at the theater, dinner, I could go on...

One of the things I miss is getting my city's entertainment book each year. It is chucked full of coupons and more than pays for itself after the first few uses. Now the book has online savings too. Toward the end of each year there is typically a good coupon that surfaces. The best I see so far is this coupon for $10 off and free shipping. Enjoy!

Entertainment Book 2009

Talking to Your Kids During Tough Financial Times

When I hold my baby boy to my chest, I sense that he is keenly aware of how I am feeling. Just these past few weeks as I was completely stressed out because my entire house was sick and exhausted, I was just hoping that each time I set him down, he would sleep without interruption. When I am stressed, in a hurry, or in a playful mood, it's as though he senses what I am feeling.

I've been reading lately about the financial "crisis" ( I hate to call it that). One of the most intriguing parts of this time in our history is what impact this will have on our children. Only time will tell the real effects. I am no child psychology expert. I do not profess to know all of the best strategies for kids. One thing I do know is that tough financial times do warrant consideration on how we should communicate with our kids about money. Here are a few noteworthy things I read in the December issue of Parents magazine:
  • DO stay positive and optimistic. It's okay to share with your kids that you are experiencing tough times, just not okay to freak out. In the article, Dr. Kirkland offers this line, "We're having some money problems, but we're going to get through this as a family."

  • DON'T transfer pressure to your kids. I can remember going through financial challenges as a kid. Even as a teenager, I certainly felt the burden of not being expensive. Kids should not be responsible for grown up feelings.

  • DON'T be secretive. This is a hard one. Nearly everyone I speak with has trouble divulging money issues to a close friend or family member let alone their kids. I agree with the doctor here. Kids deserve a realistic picture of what's going on and a positive outlook on the future. Shielding money problems only perpetuates a cycle that problems need to be hidden.

  • DO find free ways to connect with your kids. I can't wait until my son is old enough to understand what I do & what we talk about here. I simply can't wait until he becomes a savvy shopper in his youth. Beyond shopping, there are lots of free things to do in the community. Schools, parks, and places of worship host lots of events open to the general public at no charge. It's really time to dig in and get creative with all of the available options. Let's not leave our children out this challenging financial time. What do you say?

Hot freebies: Free batteries

With this coupon from Rayovac (you will need Adobe PDF access), you can snag free batteries at most Walmart & Target stores. The four packs are around $1 at most Walmart stores and look in the bins near the front of the store at Target. Yippie!

How interesting...

I read an interesting article that was discussing the environment, waste, and money. How in the world do these relate together? Well, it turns out that some counties are considering having homeowners pay by how much waste they produce. Here's the idea:

  • the wealthiest of the US would pay for their proportion of waste
  • it would increase recycling/ composting since that would be free
  • it may affect the way consumer goods are packaged- you know what I mean here. Have you ever purchased a product wrapped in five layers of plastic, 20 boxes and two twist ties?

I'm all about the green efforts. I sport my reusable shopping bags and the whole nine but I'm not really sure how I would feel about being charged by how much waste I produce. I think it was a mighty interesting and creative discussion though. What do you think?

Free movie tonight? Redbox Code 12/8/08~ Good tonight only!

I've told you previously about how we rent nearly all of our movies now, Redbox kiosks. Each Monday, they publish a code for a free rental at one of their locations. This one is good until midnight tonight. Why not take some time to enjoy your free movie!

Free Code: 23MJT7

Here's what I'm stirring up- Deals for 12/7-12-13


  1. Powerade 32 oz. selected varieties, $1.49. Spend $1.49 out-of-pocket (oop) and get $1.49 in extrabucks= free!

  2. Theraflu packets,vapor patch 6 ct.,caplets 24 ct.,warming syrup 8.3 oz.,triaminic liquid 4 oz.,thin strips 14 ct.,or vapor refill 5 ct., $5.99. Buy (1) Theraflu and use $2/1 (10/19 SS). Spend $3.99 oop and get $2 extrabucks back + file for a full rebate using the 10/19 SS form= free + $2 profit!

  3. Huggies diapers or pull-ups, $10. Huggies wipes or wash $3.00. Buy $25 worth and get $5 extrabucks. *There are lots of coupons out there including this $2/2 Huggies printable

  4. Duracell batteries, on sale $2.99. Use $1/1 or 0.75/1 (10/26 RP or 11/16 RP) & $5/2 (CVS coupon found on tearpad near batteries)= $0.98 for two

*If you're new to CVS, check out my step-by-step guide in how to do a CVS shop- it's a must read!


Here are some notable deals at Walgreens

  1. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 20sq. ft., on sale $0.99. Use $1/1 (11/16 SS or one found in supermarket displays) and Walgreens in-ad coupon= free + $0.01 profit!
  2. Theraflu, on sale $3.99. Buy (3) and use $2/1 (10/19 SS or blinkie found in some stores). Spend $6 oop and get $5 in register rewards (RRs) back = $0.97 for three

  3. Schick Titanium razor, on sale $6.99. Use $4/1 (Dec All You magazine) & $3/1 December EasySaver coupon = free + $0.01 profit!

  4. Scotch tape, on sale 2/$2. Buy (2) 3 packs and use $1/6 (11/23) & file for a December EasySaver rebate= $1 profit after coupons and rebate

There are some other decent deals but this is what I'm looking at this week. What good deals do you see? List a comment or link to your blog with scenarios below.

Top Things you Shouldn't buy new: Day One

I was inspired today after reading an online article on new and used items for the holidays. I am quite particular when it comes to buying new and used items. For example, I never buy used shoes or undergarments. For one I am finicky about being comfortable and in terms of wearing someone else's undergarments well......

This strikes a chord in me though when I think about how many other things that are super silly to buy new. Over the next week or two I'll share some of the top things you should never buy new (at least in my view).

#1 Timeshares

A few months back hubby & I got a chance to sneak away to Myrtle Beach, SC. I was super surprised at all of the things to do, a big tourist area I tell ya. Well, since we moved here from Orlando (aka tourist capital USA) I know all about timeshare sales. Lo and behold we were hit up to take a 2 hour presentation for about $100 bucks. Most people that attend these presentations don't actually set out to buy a time share, but after two or three hours of high pressure sales, the vacation rentals look more and more attractive. But the reality is that unlike most other real estate, time shares loose an incredible amount of their value. Instead of buying new check the many resources that offer timeshares at a steep discount from owners wanting to unload their "investment."

#2 Books

Since I started my doctorate program in 2005 I can't exactly say that I've completed much pleasure reading recently. In fact, it's been a reaaaaly long time since I've gotten the chance to read a good book. I can't wait for this summer (my hopeful graduation date) when I bust loose and get the chance to read just for fun again. I digress. I add books to the things you shouldn't buy new list because there are so many alternatives. Have you ever heard of or They sell used books that you can literally get at a fraction of the cost. The best part is that most sellers are really up front about any writings or markings that might be in the book. Unless you just have to have the latest release, you should always consider the low cost used alternative. It's definitely worth it.

Want free chocolate? Have a Food Lion?

Looks like Hersey's Special Dark Chocolate & the Hersey's Milk Chocolate bars are buy one get one free (BOGO) at Food Lion through January 20th. Well.... check your 11/9 SS newspaper for BOGO coupons that say "Buy one milk chocolate bar, milk chocolate with almonds bar or special dark chocolate bar and get one special dark chocolate bar free."= two bars of free chocolate for every coupon you have. If you can believe this, I actually don't care for chocolate much but I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries- whoot whoot!

New Printable Coupons

One of my favorite coupon sites has updated their printable coupons for the month of December- yippie! As you may have noticed in the past, these coupons seem to change regularly are almost always not available any longer once a certain number of people have printed them. Even if I don't know that I'll use the item, I usually print them. One of my grocery stores still triples coupons so it's worth it to print off the low amounts too. On more than one occasion I waited to print mine only to find them gone.

Each time you print coupons from this site or the toolbar on the right you support this site (go you!) & you get to do it for free. As always, each coupon can be printed twice from each computer you own. Simply print the coupons once, hit the back button, then refresh your screen.

Here's some good coupons I see:
  • Huggies $2/1- Usually these only come out for $1- $1.50
  • King's Hawaiian bread $1/1 - my favorite very fattening bread!
  • Success rice $1/1- These usually only run $1.50 or so at Walmart & my stores so $0.50 for rice works for me
  • Betty Crocker (BC) cookie mix $0.75/1- can you say triple coupons?
  • BC muffin mix $.45/1
  • Dove $1- This looks like a Target coupon so it can be combined with another manufacturer's coupon
  • Bisquick .75/1- great for triples
  • Chex mix- .60/1- I'm pretty sure these are buy-one-get-one-free at Publix & Food Lion this week
  • Pizza rolls $.35/1- my very favorite lunch snack
  • Progresso broth $.50/1- sooo many deals for this during the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays

These are the best deals for my household but there are many more. I'll keep you posted on the next coupon site update!