Grocery Savings: How to Work a Double & Triple Coupon Sale

If you ever see this sign on the road, you should pull over immediately!

In fact, you might consider just running into the store to take advantage of tremendous savings. Just this last week, I snagged a few bags full of groceries for only $2.70. You can read about it here. These sales are a serious way to save BIG at the grocery store.

Working a double or triple coupon sale & really getting a great deal takes a little planning on your part. It is an art! Despite what you might think, there is a little more to working a double/ triple coupon sale than just clipping coupons. While there are a number of strategies, I will share the way I personally maximize store promotions and double/ triple coupon sales to save the most money.

First, let me say that each store has different coupon specials and policies, so you should first ask your local grocery store what they offer. In eastern NC, we have two stores that I know of (Kroger & Harris Teeter) that double coupons everyday up to $0.99. In this case, a $0.75 off coupon doubles to $1.50, for example, while a $1 off coupon or higher is deducted at face value only. Every few months these stores will also run triple coupon sales & that's when the goin' gets good! So here's how I work up a good sale:

  1. First, things first. Get organized. I remember the first time I tried a triple coupon sale. I entered the store with a bunch of coupons stuffed in my pocket. To my amazement, there were coupon- goers with binders full of coupons. I realized then that I was way out of my league! Needless to say, I have learned.... I now sift through all of the old coupon circulars for those coupons that are 0.99 cents and under. I file these clipped coupons into groups and keep them separate from the normal, everyday coupons I use for groceries and such. This way I don't spend a bunch of time in the store searching for coupons saying "oh, yes... I know I have a coupon for that somewhere..." I'm sure you're smiling if that has ever been you. This means that I carry two coupon files into the store- one for the items I know are on sale & under 0.99 cents and my everyday coupon files (this is just in case).

  2. Next, search the store's sales flyer/ policies. So, the real secret of double/ triple coupon sales is combining a sale that the store is already running with triple coupons. Working a real good double/ triple coupon sale means getting most of your purchases free or almost free. You mean it's not good enough that a store runs a great deal? Nope! As an example, a box of $4 cereal with a 0.75 off coupon that doubles is not a great deal if I can get it cheaper without the coupon any old day at another store. However, if that same $4 cereal is buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) (and this items rings up at half price for the BOGO sale), then I would look for a $0.75 coupon. In a double coupon sale my cereal would be $0.50 & in a triple sale, I would make $0.25. Here's how it would work:

My $4 cereal rings up $2 on sale. Then, $2- 0.75 coupon- 0.75 doubled automatically= $0.50 cereal! Pretty awesome.

You would repeat this for other items on sale. Obviously, you score big time if your store gives overage. In the above example, if it were a triple coupon sale instead of a double one it would be more like this:

$2- 0.75 coupon- 1.50 tripled automatically= free cereal+ 0.25 cents overage. Even more awesome! Some stores will apply this 0.25 cents to other items in your order & others will not give overage. You need to ask. Luckily, my store offers overage. So, here's my stocked pantry of cleaning products. Each of these items were free & the kitchen cleaners gave 0.75 overage each. Hello! Needless to say, I'll have really clean toilets...

I digress...When you search the store's flyer, you identify which items are on sale. This can be a general sale, buy-one-get-one-free, etc. Combine this with the coupons you have that are under $0.99 & you're on your way to savings. I bring my second folder that has coupons over $1 because on occasion you still find a great deal. This was the example on my last grocery trip. The new deli sub sandwiches were BOGO. They rang up half price at $1.74. I had a $1 off coupon making them 0.74 each. Not bad for sandwiches that we originally $3.47.

It's also important to know the stores policy on coupon usage. For example, my store has a whole host of policies- up to 20 coupons per day per person, only three of the same coupon at a time, Internet printables limited, etc. This is a big deal when you're planning things out so be in the know.

3. Get in early. It never fails... others find out about good deals too. And you better bet the "pros" know how to work a coupon sale too. I find the best time to get to the grocery store for a good sale is early in the morning when the shelves are stocked. Off to work? No worries, you can also get full store shelves either the first day of the sale or about four days after the sale has begun when the stores are resupplied.

4. Don't be choosy. Hmm, this is a hard one to explain. I once heard someone say that we do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do. The same sort of philosophy applies to these sales. Sometimes you buy what you have to in order to buy what you want. What do I mean? Earlier, I showed you the example of Lysol kitchen cleaners. Now, I'm not one to be choosy about what I use to scrub the toilet but it really was a non-issue since Lysol, not any other product, was on sale & I had 0.75 off coupons. By using my coupons during a triple coupon sale, the store actually paid me $0.75 to carry each bottle out of the store. Now, in order to snag this great deal, I had to buy this particular product. I then used the 0.75 and applied it toward other grocery items that I wanted. You see? I get what I have to in order to get what I want.

As a general rule, I never buy items that we really will not use or give away, not even if it's free or a moneymaker. I don't buy pet food, for example, because we don't have a pet or know anyone who does. It would simply go to waste. I do buy items the items that are the best deal and that changes quite frequently. We are not choosy about what we use in the house. Sure, I have a favorite this or that. So, I often use the savings I get to apply toward the things I really want. So, could you stand to be a bit more flexible? If so, this can totally work for you!

Well, that's the best strategies I have found so far. Like you, I am a diva in constant training. I wish you many happy double/ triple coupon shopping trips. Was this article helpful or do you have something to add? Post a comment. For now, off to find more great deals....


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This was a WONDERFUL article Tieshia & I found it very helpful!

The Financial Diva said...

Awesome! Don't snag all of the great deals before I do...