Bye Bye Farm Fresh

I was really bummed when I heard that Farm Fresh, one of my local grocery stores is going out of business next month. It's not that I shop there all that often, in fact I tend to divide my time between Harris Teeter, Walmart, and Food Lion. It's mainly that Farm Fresh had brought some healthy competition to my area. In fact, my Harris Teeter has tripled coupons consistently ever since Farm Fresh opened (obviously to be a direct competitor). The result has been that we've snagged some of the best deals ever! Competition drove down prices and increased the incentives which were really, really helpful in these crazy times. So needless to say I am bummed about the passing of our dear friend Farm Fresh.
Well, on a lighter note, the store is going to have to get rid of all those groceries at some point. I'll keep you posted when I hear of any amazing liquidations!