Here's what I'm stirring up- Deals for 1/4/09-1/10


  1. Garnier hair care products, $2.99. Use $1/1 (10/5, 11/9 or 1/4 RP). Spend $1.99 out-of-pocket (oop) and get $2 in extrabucks= free (Limit 1)

  2. Ziploc bags (double pack), $5.99. Buy (2) and use BOGO coupon (12/14 SS) & $1/2. Spend $4.99 oop & get $4 ECBs= $0.99 plus you can file for a $2.49 rebate here

  3. Listerine Whitening Pen, $10. Buy (2) in separate transactions. Each time use $2/1 Listerine internet printable & $3/1 CVS coupon (found in Beauty book @ pharmacy or check out counters). Spend $5 ($10 total) oop & get $10 ECBs= free (Limit 1)

  4. Colgate toothpaste, $2.50. Use $0.75/1 (1/4 SS). Spend $1.75 oop & get $2 extrabucks back= free!

  5. Speed Stick, Speed Stick 24/7, Lady Speed Stick Deodorant, 2/ $6. Use BOGO (1/4 SS). Spend $3 oop & get $3 extrabucks back= free!

Best Monthly Deals

  1. NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray, $7.99. Use $2/1 Nasodrip internet printable. Spend $5.00 oop & get $7.99 back = free + $2 profit! (Limit 2)

  2. Children’s Throat Cooler Ice Pops, $4.99. Buy (2) and use BOGO throat coolers internet printable . Spend $4.99 oop & get $9.98 back= free + $4.99 profit! (Limit 2)

  3. Nutra Trim Weight Management Chewing Gum, $3.99. Buy it and get $3.99 in extrabucks= free (Limit 2)

*If you're new to CVS, check out my step-by-step guide in how to do a CVS shop- it's a must read!


  1. Reynolds foil, on sale $0.99. Use $1/1 (insert or recipe booklets found at many grocery stores)= free

  2. Garnier hair products, on sale $2.99. Use $1/1 (1/4 SS) & $2/1 (Walgreens Jan Easysaver coupon) = free

  3. Quaker instant oatmeal, on sale $1.99. Use $1/1 Quaker internet printable & in-ad coupon = $0.99

  4. Theraflu warming liquid, on sale 2/$10. Buy (2) use (2) $2/1 (found in blinkie machines). Spend $6 oop & get $5 in register rewards back= 2/$1 after coupons and register rewards

  5. Electrasol gel tabs 20 ct., on sale $3.49. Use $2.50/1 (1/4 SS). Spend $1 oop & file for a $1.50 Jan Easysaver rebate= free + $0.51 profit after coupons & rebate

  6. Palmolive dish soap, on sale $0.79. Use $0.50/1 (1/4 SS) & in- ad coupon (page 12) = $0.29

There are some other decent deals but this is what I'm looking at this week. What good deals do you see? List a comment or link to your blog with scenarios below.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to this whole CVS thing but I'm learning. My question is...are the coupons in Sunday papers typically nationwide? I see your scenario for the Garnier hair product and speed stick deoderant but I didn't get those coupons in my Sunday paper. I did, however get the colgate toothpaste coupon in the Sunday 1/4/09 paper. Could it be that my paper just missed the insert by accident? (And I'm sorry that I am choosing anonymous as my identity but I don't understand the choose the identity part.)

The Financial Diva said...

It's true. Various regions of the US publish different versions of their coupons. Even in the same regions, major cities will often have more coupons than smaller papers. You should opt to buy the paper of the largest city near you.

You also have three options if there is a good coupon you really want: 1) look for internet coupons. I always try to post the link of available ones in the deals I post, 2) purchase some for a few cents from clipping services. There is a link on the right under "get coupons" for one of them, or 3) trade for them. There are a number of reputable sites that are a little hard to navigate at first that you can join for free. These sites let you trade your coupons with others for the ones you might want.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm being dense and can't figure out your abbreviations. What is SS and RP?

The Financial Diva said...

YOu are soo not dense. I should have a sepaate post for this. SS is the newspaper insert titled Smartsource & RP= Red Plum. Occassionally, I'll also use GM= General Mills & P&G= Proctor & Gamble.