Here's what I'm stirring up- Deals for 8/3/08- 8/9

Here are the deals I am stirring up this week in NC:


  1. CoverGirl Clean, TruBlend or Aqua Smoothers, on sale BOGO. Use Cover Girl Face Product FREE wyb Cover Girl Foundation coupon (8/3 P&G) and get face product and foundation free!

  2. Colgate Total Advanced, on sale for $2.99. Use $1.50/1 (All You Magazine found @ Walmart)= $1.49 oop and get $2 extrabucks back= $.51 profit (limit 2)

  3. Oral B Advantage tootbrush, $2.49. Use $1/1 coupon (8/3 P&G)= $1.49 oop and get $1.50 extrabucks back= $.01 profit (limit 5)

  4. Extreme Energy, $4.99 oop and get $4.99 extrabucks back=free!

  5. Revlon Limited Edition Collection - bronzing face powder, blush, eye shadow or lip color, $9.99- $2/1 Revlon makeup (7/27)= $8 out of pocket and get $9.99 extrabucks back= $2 profit (limit 1)

  6. Sure Deoderant Solid, on sale BOGO. Use BOGO coupon (6/29 SS) & $1/1 (5/11 SS, 6/29 SS or this internet printable)= two for free+ overage!

  7. Pert Plus shampoo, on sale BOGO. Use (2) $2/1 coupons (5/11 SS or 6/29 SS)= two for free! PLUS if you buy Pert Plus Happy Medium, So Fine, or Simply Fresh mail your receipt in for a full manufacturer's rebate (up to $4.59).
  8. Childrens Advil, $5.79. Use this $1/1 internet printable $4.79 oop and get $5.79 extrabucks back=free! + $1 overage


  1. Pert Plus 2-in-1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner, $4.29. Use $2/1 MQ (6/29 SS)= $2.29 oop + file for the full $4.29 EasySaver rebate = free with $2 overage after rebate
  2. Carefree Pantiliners, $.99. Use $.50/1 internet printable= $0.49
  3. Lifesavers, on sale BOGO. Use BOGO coupon (6/8 RP) and get two for free!
  4. Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator, $2.99. Use $1.50 printable and $1.50 EasySaver coupon = free
  5. Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber, about $5.69. Use this $2.75 internet printable coupon, then file for a $1.50 Walgreens Easysaver rebate (online) + get a full refund of the entire purchse price (up to $5.69) (7/20 SS)= free + $4.25 profit after rebates
  6. Also there is free photo developing on Wed, Aug 6th: Get 1 roll of 35mm film developed for Free in 1 hour (limit 1)

There are some other decent deals but this is what I'm looking at this week. What good deals do you see? List a comment or link to your blog with scenarios below.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clear and concise lists. They really help! --D

Wendy said...

I can't wait to get the free Lifesavers!!!

gbmom2407 said...

Is there a pert plus rebate this month for cvs also? I have no clue where to look for that.
Thanks for all your help.

Annabelle said...

Thank you! I'm printing this list out and taking it with me.


Anonymous said...

My CVS wouldn't let me use the BOGO on the Cover Girl--they said I couldn't use it to get both free. Wonder why?

The Financial Diva said...

There were reports of handtags which have try me free labels on them. Be on the lookout at CVS! Anyone else know where to find a erbate form?

The Financial Diva said...

"My CVS wouldn't let me use the BOGO on the Cover Girl--they said I couldn't use it to get both free. Wonder why?"

Last week I personally had a bit of an issue with CVS on the BOGO lifesavers. I knew that it was a corporate policy to accept these type of coupons so I simply called the 1 800 number while I was right in the store. The young lady phone the store while I was still standing in it & talked with the cashier to explain that using a BOGO coupon with a CVS BOGO sale was perfectly alright. Apparently, CVS is fully aware of these coupon/ sale combinations and encourages you to call in if you have any problems.

Anonymous said...

I see--many thanks!

michelle said...

I went to my cvs yesterday and they would not let me use the bog1 free on the makeup either I seen that you called the 1 800 number and got it took care of could you post that number please.Thanks in advance

The Financial Diva said...

Sure, the 800 is on the back of your extracare card 800-746-7287

Mego711 said...

I have a question. How do you send in the receipt for the rebate for walgreens. And then need to send in the original receipt for scrubbing bubbles?

Courtney said...

My CVS wouldnt let me use more than one coupon of the same typer per transaction! They wouldnt let me use two Pert Plus coupons, even though I did the BOGO. I couldnt use more than one Oral B Advantage toothpaste coupon either..all my coupons that I had double of they wouldnt let me use! I ended up breaking up the stuff and doing it in two transactions, but that diesnt seem right AND I didnt make off as well on teh PERT PLUS deal. Anyone one else have this problem?

The Financial Diva said...

"I have a question. How do you send in the receipt for the rebate for walgreens. And then need to send in the original receipt for scrubbing bubbles?"

The walgreens rebate is completely online with no receipt needed other than the store information on the top. Complete the Walgreens rebate process first, then send in the UPC and receipt to scrubbing bubbles.

michelle said...

I just wanted to give you a quick update I went back to cvs tonight and used my bogo coupons and it worked this time different cashier thanks for all the hard work you do I enjoy reading it and following what you do and I love saving money.

Aidan said...

I am having issues w my cvs and the cover girl coupons-the cashier wouldnt take it and made a big stink about some paper they had signed that morning that they wouldnt take coupons for bogo promotions-at least that is how I understood it bc she didnt really explain it right. I called a different store and spoke to the manager and she said that what they had signed was in regards to fraudulent coupons and that she would call her district manager and get back to me. well I havent heard from her and I called the 1800 number and I was told that it is completely up to the store to decide which coupons they will take-I am confused and very annoyed!!!!!!!

The Financial Diva said...

Yeah, I'd be pretty annoyed too. I'm not sure about the memo you referenced, that's the first I've heard of it. I will say that the day I tried to use my BOGO coupons & had to call the 800 number, the girl told me something or other about some memo, although the woman on the phone told her she was incorrect. The District manager also called to apologize saying that the CVS policy was a customer could use a BOGO coupon during a BOGO sale. Sorry for the trouble, it sounds like you've had an ordeal!

Aidan said...

I just called the 1800 number again and the operater apologized and is going to contact the district manager about that cashier. Also she said that we CAN use BOGO coupon w BOGO sales!!

June said...

I had problems with a CVS and Extra Bucks in general. One day the cashiers refused to ring up my order. It was an Extra Bucks special where you could 5 bath soaps or something. I had already went to the three other CVS's within the mile walking distance and none of them had the bath soap. I was especially annoyed that the stores were frequently out of stock and it really does take time to walk between all the stores. So, I really wanted to get all my bath soaps. But, they thought because I was ringing up each bath soap individually that I was doing something to trick the register. The newspaper clearly says offer limit of 5, but the manager was unaware of this and was like 1 per person. I tried to explain to the cashier that I need to buy them separate because I do not want a Extra Buck for $25 when I can just have 5 $5 Extra Bucks. I make frequent small purchases at CVS more so than large purchases. She still didn't get it. Plus, when the Extra Buck matches the sale price, there is not tax, at least in my town, not in all towns/states. Some of the cashier's/managers have no clue about Extra Bucks. I have more but that is enough.