Oh Farm Fresh How I Love Thee

I have really been enjoying the triple coupon sale at Farm Fresh this last week, how about you? I have found the store employees to be very friendly and much more supportive of couponers than at Harris Teeter. Ladies, I think we have single-handedly recruited more couponers to the ranks as so many of the cashiers are now believers!

Sadly, as I checked out tonight, the cashier told me that tonight was the last day of the triple coupon sale. I am sad to see it go. It has really been awesome to get much of what we need at some fabulous deals.

I will say that I have noticed that Farm Fresh's prices are much lower than other stores. So, certainly for quick shopping, I'll be heading over there. I would do more of my shopping there if they would double coupons on a normal basis. I have enjoyed seeing many of you in the grocery stores. Please keep us all posted on the good deals you continue to find around town & in general. We're in this together!