Let's give him something to talk about

I've been thinking a lot lately on how money is one of the greatest sources for divorce in America. Interesting. It seems as though in all of the preparation for marriage nowadays (or lack thereof), we are not receiving adequate preparation on how to talk with our spouses about money.

Sometimes as deal-seekers we can feel like we are on a different planet than our spouses. I mean, at times our dear ones are very supportive and at other times they might not understand the serious effort that goes into gettin good deals. Even more so, our spouses and loved ones can keep us in check when we get out of line with spending and shopping.

So, in all sincerity I have a few questions for you...

  • How effective are you at discussing finances in your house?
  • How often do you discuss your financial situation?
  • In terms of spending time and money on deals, are you on the same page? On the same planet?

Depending on what you have to say, perhaps we can discuss strategies for having financial talks at home and ice breakers to initiate this type of discussion.