Top Things you Shouldn't buy new: Day One

I was inspired today after reading an online article on new and used items for the holidays. I am quite particular when it comes to buying new and used items. For example, I never buy used shoes or undergarments. For one I am finicky about being comfortable and in terms of wearing someone else's undergarments well......

This strikes a chord in me though when I think about how many other things that are super silly to buy new. Over the next week or two I'll share some of the top things you should never buy new (at least in my view).

#1 Timeshares

A few months back hubby & I got a chance to sneak away to Myrtle Beach, SC. I was super surprised at all of the things to do, a big tourist area I tell ya. Well, since we moved here from Orlando (aka tourist capital USA) I know all about timeshare sales. Lo and behold we were hit up to take a 2 hour presentation for about $100 bucks. Most people that attend these presentations don't actually set out to buy a time share, but after two or three hours of high pressure sales, the vacation rentals look more and more attractive. But the reality is that unlike most other real estate, time shares loose an incredible amount of their value. Instead of buying new check the many resources that offer timeshares at a steep discount from owners wanting to unload their "investment."

#2 Books

Since I started my doctorate program in 2005 I can't exactly say that I've completed much pleasure reading recently. In fact, it's been a reaaaaly long time since I've gotten the chance to read a good book. I can't wait for this summer (my hopeful graduation date) when I bust loose and get the chance to read just for fun again. I digress. I add books to the things you shouldn't buy new list because there are so many alternatives. Have you ever heard of or They sell used books that you can literally get at a fraction of the cost. The best part is that most sellers are really up front about any writings or markings that might be in the book. Unless you just have to have the latest release, you should always consider the low cost used alternative. It's definitely worth it.


small town city girl said...

I completely agree with both of these! I would never buy a timeshare anyway, but that's just me and I personally believe books are meant to be loved. If you can borrow them or lend yours to others, that's the best way.

I can't wait to see the rest of the list. :)