New Printable Coupons

One of my favorite coupon sites has updated their printable coupons for the month of December- yippie! As you may have noticed in the past, these coupons seem to change regularly are almost always not available any longer once a certain number of people have printed them. Even if I don't know that I'll use the item, I usually print them. One of my grocery stores still triples coupons so it's worth it to print off the low amounts too. On more than one occasion I waited to print mine only to find them gone.

Each time you print coupons from this site or the toolbar on the right you support this site (go you!) & you get to do it for free. As always, each coupon can be printed twice from each computer you own. Simply print the coupons once, hit the back button, then refresh your screen.

Here's some good coupons I see:
  • Huggies $2/1- Usually these only come out for $1- $1.50
  • King's Hawaiian bread $1/1 - my favorite very fattening bread!
  • Success rice $1/1- These usually only run $1.50 or so at Walmart & my stores so $0.50 for rice works for me
  • Betty Crocker (BC) cookie mix $0.75/1- can you say triple coupons?
  • BC muffin mix $.45/1
  • Dove $1- This looks like a Target coupon so it can be combined with another manufacturer's coupon
  • Bisquick .75/1- great for triples
  • Chex mix- .60/1- I'm pretty sure these are buy-one-get-one-free at Publix & Food Lion this week
  • Pizza rolls $.35/1- my very favorite lunch snack
  • Progresso broth $.50/1- sooo many deals for this during the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays

These are the best deals for my household but there are many more. I'll keep you posted on the next coupon site update!