Good news: Food Lion joined Upromise!

I have been loving all of my amazing Food Lion finds. I must admit, I was not an avid Food Lion shopper until just this year when I discovered that Food Lion internet printables could be combined with manufacturer's coupons to rack up the savings. I digress.

I'm even more excited to announce that Food Lion has finally joined Upromise (it's about time people). I love Upromise because you can save money for college for your children, yourself, or anyone else (my son is currently accepting kind benefactors just in case anyone could not find a worthy recipient). In fact, I joined Upromise before baby David was born. Yippie, I'm all about getting a jump start on things.

Be sure to add your Food Lion card to your Upromise account right away. If perhaps you have been in hiding and have not yet signed up for a free Upromise account, you can do so here: Upromise – The way to save for college . I entered all of my grocery store cards, CVS card, & my credit card so that a portion of each purchase I make saves for my kids' education. That's in addition to frequent flyer points and other incentives. Works for me!