Deal Alert: GM Sale @ Harris Teeter

For those of you with a Harris Teeter nearby there are some AWESOME deals going on until next Tuesday with many General Mills products. If you buy 10 of the products below, you get an instant $4 off your order:

Grands biscuits BOGO
Pillsbury Crescent rolls and cinnamon rolls 3/$5
Toaster Strudels or Scrambles 3/$6
Pillsbury frozen pancakes 3/$6
Ready to bake or roll Pillsbury cookies 2.99
40 ct. Totinos pizza rolls 2/$7
Green Giant Broccoli cuts with cheese or niblets corn in butter BOGO
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oat Cluster Cheerios, or Raisin/Almond Oatmeal Crisp 2/$5
Cheerios, Total, or Lucky Charms 3/$6
NAture Valley Granola bars 2/$5
BC specialty potatoes 4/$5
Warm Delight Mini bowls 2/$4
BC traditional brownie mix 4/$5
Chex Mix, Bugles, or Pop Secret popcorn BOGO
Caribou coffee, Curves, and Fiber One bars 3/$7
BC Fruit snacks 3/$5
Bisquick 2.69
Betty Crocker (BC) muffins 2/$4
BC cake mix 5/$5
BC frosting 2/$3
Romano Macaroni Grill Dinner Kits 3.99
Old El Paso dinner kits 2/$4
Old El Paso taco shells 2/$3
Old El Paso seasoning mix .79
Old El Paso refried beans 3/$3

Check your coupon stash because many of these products have coupons from the recent insert that it makes for a great deal, but wait..............that's not all!!!

In addition to the above you can the following coupons that print off automatically when you ring up your purchase:

Nature Valley Granola
Purchase dates between 9/12 and 10/5 Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars during select purchase dates and SAVE up to $3.50 with coupon off your next shopping order.

  • Buy 3, get $1.50
  • Buy 4, Get $2.50
  • Buy 5, or more and get $3.50

General Mills Fruit shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Foot Gushers (think they spelled that wrong!), Fruit Roll UPs, or Fruit Stickerz (same dates as above)

  • Buy 3, get 1.50
  • Buy 4, get 2.50
  • Buy 5, or more and get $3.50

Pop Secret popcorn

  • Buy 2, get $1
  • Buy 3, get $2
  • Buy 4+, get $3

Green Giant Boxed Veggies

  • Buy 3, get $1.00
  • Buy 4, get $2.00
  • Buy 5, get $3.00
I just got back and spent $4 & got $15 in coupons toward future stuff- oh happy day!