Have a perscription- ways to save!

I thought that I would mention a few good deals going on right now if you have a medical prescription to fill. Any time I have one, I try to find a coupon for a gift card~ you should too.

If you have a Harris Teeter nearby they are giving away a $25 gift card with your first prescription & $10 off your grocery bill for every prescription through 9/30. With triple coupons this could go a mighty long way!

This last Sunday's paper also had a coupon inside the Target circular for a $10 prescription with any new or transferred prescription~ yippie, one of my favorite stores.

Rite Aid always has deals for a $25 or $30 gift card if you have an existing prescription transferred to one of their stores.

Certainly, if you have a recurring Rx and don't mind where you get it, try transferring your prescription to a new location each time you need it filled. You'll walk away with lots of gift cards. How exciting! I never wanted to be ill before but is it wrong to admit that deals like this make me want a prescription?!