Should we be worried?

Certainly, the news over the past few days has been a little daunting. There are countless reports of recession, government bail outs and corporate closings. One has to wonder if we should be worried, financially speaking.

Before we go into any mass panic, I would ask you how much you are safeguarding your financial future. Are you looking ahead for times that could be potentially lean? In a church service this week, we discussed being like an eagle. The intersting thing about these birds is that they can see up to three miles ahead. That's more than amazing to me! Like an eagle, we have to see what lies ahead for us financially. We have made some attempts to diversify where our investments are, having more than one bank, etc. These things are fool proof but are an attempt to give us a little "cushion" in a financial downturn.

More than ever, I'd like to encourage you to get your house in order. It's time to start or pad your emergency fund. It's time to balance finding great deals with making your money grow. Let's be proactive, let's be eagles!