What's a good deal worth to ya?

I have found myself asking this question a lot recently- what's a good deal really woth. The thing about deal shopping is to always understand that there is always (and I repeat) always another good deal right around the corner. Before I became really savvy with deals and coupons, I thought that deals were realy like once in a lifetime type things. Not true! With every new week, there seems to always be another way to save money, pay less, stock up, and get something for free.

So... my question to you readers then is what's a deal really worth to you? Does a good deal mean that you run out to the store the first moment it opens to catch what's on the shelves? Spend a lot of time clipping and oganizing your coupon stash? Spending time in the stores- shopping (frugally, of course!)? Perhaps this is more than worth it to you as we are in tough economic times as a nation.

As for me, I am still answering this question. I am coming to the point now where I can or cannot make a run to the store unless of course my grocery store is trippling coupons or it's something we need/ use & the price is right. I'm trying to find a balance with this great joy that I have in deal shopping. How about you- what's a good deal worth?


Stephanie said...

Honestly, it depends on the deal, the budget, and the time involved to get the deal. Are those enough factors?! :) For the 1st month of coupon gaming, I found myself grabbing at every deal, then like yourself, found out that there is always a new deal coming out. It's a lesson of self control for me.

Stephanie @ The Coupon Game

small town city girl said...

I know personally, I can become obsessed if I don't limit myself. I think this is a great question to ask of oneself. Thank you.