Product Review: Skin MD

I was so excited a few months back when the makers of Skin MD offered to send me a few samples of their lotion to try. I got a full sized bottle and a few smaller packets so I was excited.

My darling son David was just diagnosed with pretty serious eczema so I figured I would give just about anything a try. I have been pretty frustrated because I have no idea where this eczema came from but it's been getting progressively worse over time. The doctor actually suggested that I stop breastfeeding- ha! Let's just say that after all this time and LOTS of frozen milk later that is a last resort option!

So, in the middle of dermatology and allergist appointments, I decided to give it a try. As a disclaimer, I've only tried the lotion for a few weeks so here's some of my honest feedback:


Overall, I thought that the lotion was pretty good. The best thing about it is that unlike some of the other lotions I've tried, this one didn't make my son break out in any crazy rashes. He also didn't itch right away when I applied it so that's nice. The lotion doesn't really have a scent, but I guess that's the beauty of working on folks with sensitive skin. I thought that the consistency was really smooth and it certainly didn't leave that greasy feeling like the other emollients we've been using lately.
The directions call for a small amount & I found that not such a small amount could be used for even my infant son (he has eczema all over) so certainly an adult would need to use quite a bit. Online, it says that one 4oz bottle will last 1-2 months. Again, this would only be if had not such a severe case. I also found that I needed to re-apply quite a bit as his skin got dry again pretty quick. I also found the lotion to be rather light. For someone with non-sensitive skin, I like to know that I have lotion on because I feel really, I don't know, moist I guess. It was like after I tested the lotion my legs I felt much like I did before I applied the lotion. That was not such a great thing in my opinion.
Would I be a financial diva if I didn't comment on the price? A 4oz bottle costs $18 bucks so it's not cheap by any means. I can say that this far beats the $186 teeny weeny bottle of cream that one doc prescribed so I guess I can't complain.
Overall, I think that this product is best for someone with more serious skin issues. The literature suggests that the lotion really helps some severe cases of skin issues so for some of you with serious issues, it's probably worth a shot over prescription meds. I tried it for about a week but switched back to the cheap old cream when the moisture didn't exactly last so long. I guess as a person with normal skin, I'd rather prefer to be greasy!