Great Glade Catalina deal for Food Lion/ Kroger shoppers

Many of the coupon savvy shoppers have known about this deal for a few weeks now but it's still a great deal and worth the post.

You may have received a buy one get one free (BOGO) coupon for the Glade scented oil warmers in a recent newspaper insert. Well, Food Lion sells these for about $4.50 (price varies by region). Buy two of these, use your BOGO coupon (of course). You'll pay $4.50 out of pocket but in return you'll get two coupons for $4 off your next order. That's right, you pay $4.50 and get $8. The coupons print automatically when you check out at the register in the coupon machine (called catalina). Best of all, you can buy more Glade and use your catalina coupons and get more coupons. Yippie!

Here are the products that will produce a catalina:

  • Glade scented oil warmers (do not get the kind that say +free warmer on them- they don't work)

  • Glade scented oil warmers with night light (at FL they are on sale for $4.99)