Making it count!

I had a wonderful conversation with my dear friend this weekend. We were talking about life, about the meaning of things. We both rested in the notion that we wanted our lives to mean something, to be of inflence. So many of us do not know the ins and outs of what the future holds, but most of us have some desire for great things.

I have been thinking about our discussion as it relates to everything in my life. I want to be influential, don't you? I sincerely want my life to mean something. I feel the same way about "speaking" to each of you. My desire is that this blog becomes more than finding a great deal. I want to make it count. I'm doing my job if you are changing your life by the way you think about money, spend money, and save. I'm doing my job if you share what you learn.

Perhaps I am having a moment (have lots of those). I just want to make my life count. How about you?


KY-Q-Clipper said...

Thank you for sharing this thought with me, it will be something I think about today! One important thing that stands out is to me is that you were connecting with your friend. Making it count is great, making it count with your friends, family, God, finances.