Scottrade: 3 free trades with new account

A few days ago I asked you to consider this question: Do you have the stomach for this market?
This is an important question to consider for our crazy times. Sooo, do you?

A few years back my husband & I decided to invest in the stock market. We wanted an inexpensive day trading type company to work with in which we could make trades online. I found Scottrade, a reputable company and decided to give it a try with a small amount of money we'd saved but weren't afraid to lose. We bought stock in companies we used and liked. We were just playing around to be honest with you. I will confess this very important point about trading stocks. I don't at all know what I'm doing! How un-diva like of me. But I still continue to linger in the stock market because part of being wise with money is often doing what other people are not doing.

Assuming that a company will not fold all together, stocks are really cheap right now, a real discount. That's why I continue to play. As I've stated before, I'm also young and not looking to retire in the next decade or two so I have time on my side.

I thought I'd share my online company with you if you'd like to see about online trading. As with anything in these times, proceed with caution. I only use one company right now and I've been very satisfied with service and ease of use. If you'd like to sign up for Scottrade, you can. Also, if you use the promo code XPKG7495 when you sign up, you'll get three (3) free trades to get you started. Yippie!