New Scottrade promo code- 7 free trades

I posted last week about how we'd made a choice to get involved in the stock market with some play money we've set aside. You can read all about the post here. We'll I'm happy to say that we've been decently successful. I won't disclose what stock we chose since I'm not authorized to give any advice of this sort. I looked for a stock of a compay that I use and one that fluctuated in a day. We've been buying and selling in the same day for smaller returns.

I also told you about Scottrade, the compay that we chose. I still love it. No fine lines, easy trades, etc. From now until Oct 31st, you can get 7 free trades (increased from 3 trades) if you'd like to give Scottrade a try. After October 31st, you'll still get 3 free trades- go you!

Scottrade promo code (new accounts only I believe): XPKG7495