A little perspective for the holidays

I was just reading on a fellow bloggers site yesterday that their family had an unexpected layoff Luckily, the savvy shopping woman of the house has collected holiday gifts throughout the year- you go girl! But, I got to thinking about our financial situation as a nation. Last night, Susie Orman was on Larry King live. One guest asked about either putting Christmas gifts on a credt card or using money from an emergency fund for a modest Chrsitmas.

It's important for us all to remember just how serious of a financial situation our nation is really facing at the moment. Inevitably each year, someone talks about the commercialization of the season. This year, let remember that talk is cheap. Truly, let's spend only what we can afford during this holiday season. I know that in the heat of the "shopping moment", we often feel the pressure to give gifts. But, you know, now more than ever we need to bring alittle perspective to the season. Christmas is about being with family and friends. Truly, let's try to keep the season in perspective.


small town city girl said...

Amen to that! I spent an entire walking session with my good friend trying to convince her that handmade gifts are not cheap. She was feeling guilty about making most of the gifts for people on her list this year. She's come around and realized that it's about the thought...not the price. Thank you for posting this overdue reminder!!

My Penny Pile... said...

Amen (:

Heather said...

I agree. I just want to spend time with family and friends with some good food. No gifts needed.