Making Money: Take surveys

As a doctoral student, I know how important it is to have willing people to take surveys. I always try to take a survey when asked.

A few years back, I also signed up for a few product survey sites. I like it because I get to pick exactly which surveys I'd like to participate in & skip the others without penalty. Even better, I get to evaluate new products before they hit the market & some surveys pay cash for your opinions.

I'll let you kow about some reputable survey sites as I test them out myself. One that I've recently joined is SurveySpot . They have a number of available surveys each week paying a small amount for your opinions. There is also a continual sweepstakes program worth $25,000. Here's the information from the site:

"Join and participate in online research studies that match your interests and demographics. Join now. Click Here "

Let me know how you like it...