Yes, this happens to me too...

I was kicking myself the other day as I stood at the checkout line. Usually, I am pretty bold when it comes time to check out especially at the grocery store I go to that runs triple coupon sales. My boldness is because I often get someone who doesn't know what's going on, someone who scrutinizes the sales/ coupons I use, or one who plain old makes up a store policy.

Lately ( I think mostly attributed to work on my dissetation proposal) I've just been to tired to worry about the check out process. Over the past few weeks I have honestly not been sharp self & I see now that I've paid for it- literally. Looking over my receipts I have found one occassion where I completely forgot to give the cashier my coupon, twice where I was overcharged, one rebate period that expired, and two deal scenarios that I thought was going to produce a catalina coupon that did not- argh!

It happens to all of us right? I have found that it's just not enough to cut coupons and find great deals, you also have to be really alert the entire time. Guess it's time for me to get some much needed rest so I can continue savin' money.