Whew, Black Friday rest needed

Well, normally hubby & I save a little money during the year to hit a few stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Since we are not in the market for a new TV or computer & only a 8 month year old baby to get gifts for, we didn't have much to run out for this year (thankfully). I managed to sneak away on Thanksgiving day and get nearly every free item from CVS.

I brought my husband along for the adventure. I intended to show him the magic. Well, 42 items & 19 coupons later we managed to score all of the products for $0.93 out of pocket. Many of them I'll be using as gifts for Christmas and throughout the year. I used coupons (of course) my $5 off CVS coupon (emailed to me), and extrabucks. The best part is that I "gained" $18 extrabucks, meaning I put out $38 in bucks but got back $56.

How about you? Did you score any good deals today?