Make money with your blog/ website!- Post 1

Make money with your blog/ website!- Post 1

I'm starting off a new sceries this week looking at the various ways to make money with your blog or website.

Running a website or blog certainly takes a bit of time. Not only do you want to deliver quality posts, but the design and maintenance in addition to forgin new relationships with other bloggers can be time consuming as well.

In hopes of helping out my fellow bloggers, web designers, and friends, I am personally testing out some ways to make money on your blog. I'll be checking in with you as time passes to let you know how successful things are. I'll be testing out many of the programs myself so I'll wait until I can get an accurate gauge on what the programs are like.
To begin this week, I am testing out an affiliate program called Logical Media. Affiliate programs are typically some group of advertisers who pay you when someone clicks or takes action on your blog.

Some companies do not let you choose which advertisements appear on your blog and others do. I'm testing Logical Media because they do let you choose the advertisements, and the ads are geared toward what my readers like anyway like freebies & samples. They also seem to be very upfront about how much you'll make with each "action." Some advertisers pay when someone simply clicks on an ad & others pay when someone makes a purchase, for example.
If you'd like to test this out with me, you can sign to be a Logical Media affiliate here. Otherwise, stay tuned and I'll let you know how things go.