Free Chic-fil-A meal today for dressing up

Did you know that Chic-fil-A is giving out free meals today only to anyone brave enough to dress up like a cow and enter one of their restaurants. I'm personally going to pass on the offer, but who knows, maybe you should be the brave one to go for a freebie at any cost! Here's the details:

Dress like a cow from head to hoof for our 4th annual Cow Appreciation Day® (July 11, 2008) and get a complimentary combo meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) from Chick-fil-A.Not up for sporting the full cow look? Partial cow attire will still get you a complimentary entrĂ©e. Request a tall, cool Dr Pepper with your Chick-fil-A and complete your meal.Send this email to your friends and come dressed as an entire herd - Chick-fil-A for everyone! Cow up and get free Chick-fil-A on July 11th at your nearest Chick-fil-A.go to for tips on how to dress like a cow =)


Carl said...

Hi – Looking forward to seeing you all at Chick-fil-A today in full cow gear! Be sure to check out for other easy tips on how to dress to get your free Chick-fil-A!