What a baby costs!

Oh, indulge me for a moment.... What mom doesn't think their child is the cutest ever? But oh how quickly his charm doth fade away when I add up his tab!

Like holy camole, have you any idea what a baby costs nowadays? My young prince is now three months old & I am quickly realizing just how expensive children are! I think this sentiment is more than my mere emotions (which are currently out of whack), it is also psychological. I have been so frustrated at how I seem to be "targeted" lately. Every new mom wants the best for her baby. That's not the point. It seems to me, though, that we are an advertiser's dream. We have to have the best new gadget, toy, and baby wardrobe. Of course, it all costs a fortune & my kid outgrows it in a week...

Now, I consider myself a pretty good bargain shopper, but even I getting alarmed at the cost of childrearing. If you want to see for yourself how much you'll likely spend in the baby's first year, check out this First-Year Baby Costs Calculator I found. I like it because the prices are adaptable for your specific situation.
I'm curious, how are you saving money bringing up children?