Whew... check these savings!

I am exhausted just thinking about this week's savings. I have to say that sometimes running all over town for a sale just isn't worth it. This is not one of those times!

Well, I did the diaper deal that I told you about yesterday at Walgreens. I went three times with no problems. I carefully calculated each of my purchases and walked away with 21 packages of diapers. I paid just under $15 total and got back another $35 coupon to spend. Here's a photo of my diaper closet. Needless to say, I think I'm stocked up through potty training!
I didn't have time to also take a pic of the awesome deals I got at CVS or Harris Teeter (whew). Let's just say that after 12 bottles of FREE Loreal shampoo & conditioner, 14 FREE packs of Trident gum, FREE baby wipes, oil, lotion, and creams, I'm exhausted.
Some of you wouldn't consider that you could get all of this great stuff. To me, it's worth the effort. In baby stuff alone, I feel really forunate to find ways to save. How about you? How did you do this week?