Hidden CVS Deal Alert! Free Facial Towelettes

There is a hidden deal going on now at CVS so if you shop there & have extra bucks or if you want to get started on CVS deal shopping, now is a fabulous time. I have just returned from CVS to try out this hidden deal for myself & can tell you that it works just fine.

Right now if you but CVS brand facial towelettes for $2.99, you get a full $2.99 back. It is advertised as only giving $1 back, but the full amount is being printed off as extrabucks. But EVEN BETTER there is a $2 off any CVS skin care item coupon that can be printed here online. You'll want to print it 5 times. The math works out something like this:
You spend $2.99 for the 15ct. towelettes: $2.99
Minus the CVS coupon: -$2.00
You spend:0.99
and get back:$2.99= $2 profit

There is a limit of 5, so you can make $10 in extra bucks. I did each transaction separately so that I could use all 5 CVS coupons. Hurry to CVS before another savvy shopper snags the deal. Happy shopping!