Mid-month budget check-up

Are you following our budgeting series? We could all use a financial tune-up. So I challenge you to join us even if you already have a budgeting plan. I am constantly re-vamping the way we do things around our house to achieve financial success. You can catch up by reading the first two parts of our series & doing the homework.

Budgeting 101- Part 1
Budgeting 101- Part 2

Our next order of business launching at the end of this month is to actually set a budget. I'll have sample worksheets and spreadsheets for you to use. But first it is essential that you are diligent in completing the homework from part 2, tracking your spending. Since we are 1/2 way into the month, I thought I would do a friendly check-up. How diligent are you? Tracking every dollar? If you've not done so great, make it a point to finish this assignment strong. Your financial success depends on it!