Saving Money: Here's what I got

I absolutely love saving money. I was having a mini withdrawl since we went away on vacation last week and I didn't bring any coupons! To make up for things I decided to maximize the great savings at CVS and Walgreens as well as the grocery store. Here's what I got:

First stop- Walgreens

Who can pass up free hair products? I stopped by Walgreens for FREE Loreal Vive pro shampoo and conditioner. Walgreens had these on sale BOGO & I used a BOGO coupon from this past Sunday's paper. All in all, I walked away with 6 bottles of shampoo & conditioner for free.

Next up- CVS (Transaction #1)

I split my CVS transactions up in order to maximize the 3/15 coupon before it expires. I got:

  • (2) bottles of Sure deoderant, used (2) $1 internet printable= $1.69 each
  • (6) bottles of Sally Hansen nail polish, used (2) $3/2 CVS coupon= free
  • (1) Excedrin 24ct Back & body

I used $3/15 CVS coupon , $5.99 in extrabucks to pay for my order, $0.71 out of pocket (oop) & got back $3 extrabucks & I'll file for the full $4.79 excedrin rebate & $2.69 sure deoderant rebate (6/29 SS). So, after extrabucks and rebates, I'll have made $4.17!

CVS (Transaction #2)

(1) Excedrin PM, used $2/1 coupon

(2) Gas x thin strips, used (2) $1.50/1 coupons & (1) $5/2 CVS CRT

  • (2) Gold Emblem pretzels, used $1/2 CVS CRT
I used another $3/15 CVS coupon , $5.99 in extrabucks to pay for my order, $1.61 out of pocket (oop) & got back $10 extrabucks for the stomach products. On this order I made $2.40 after extrabucks. Yippie!

CVS (Transaction #3)
I most certianly wasn't going to pass up the best deal of the week at CVS on photobooks. I just didn't have all of my photos together during the first trip. So, I went back to make two photobooks. They were $7.99 & I used (2) $3/1 CVS photobook coupons, (2) $3/1 Kodak coupons and another $3/15 CVS coupon . I paid 0.98 & got back $15.98 in extrabucks, a big moneymaker!

How did you do this week? Post a comment below with a link or details on your savings.


Sara said...

The Walgreens deal is not working at Ward and Nash. I went there and got 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners. Tried to use a B1G1 cupon and 2 $1 coupons. They would not except it. I was only able to use the B1G1 OR the 2 $1 coupons. Might want to try the Walgreens on Forest Hills.

The Financial Diva said...

Hmm... thanks for the heads up. That is the Walgreens I bought my products at earlier this week, but I rang out with my favorite cashier. Maybe that had something to do with it?

Sara said...

Actually he did mention that a lady had been in there and used a whole bunch of the coupons and that his manager told him no more. =) I thought it might have been you. LOL! you stick to that one...I'll go to Forest Hills!

The Financial Diva said...

Never fear. If you have any problems at the other location, just hold out until next week when there will be BOGO at CVS also. They are better about those deals than Walgreens anyway.