I'm not ashamed to save!

So, I went into my local Harris Teeter today and as I checked out I attempted to make conversation with the cashier as I always do. Since the store is still running a triple coupon sale, I asked her how us savvy shoppers were treating her. I was a little shocked at her response...After rolling her eyes, she proceeded to tell me that us couponers were driving her nuts. Next she told me how obnoxious it was to see the same people buying lots of the same items over and over.

I thought about her sentiments and others like it that I have had over the years. Granted there are lots of people who do not save money on the up and up, lots of individuals out for a good scam instead of savings, folks trying to beat the system, etc. Thing is... I'm not one of those people. Why did my saving money agitate her so badly? You know what I mean, don't you? Every now and then you come across one cranky cashier who almost takes personal offense when you nab a great deal.

I have come to this resolve. I'm simply not ashamed to save money. I'm not ashamed to ask for a price check, a rain check, a double check, a coupon, or anything else. It's when I'm flustered about what others think of me that I don't think straight and end up paying more money than I ought. So, as long as things are on the up and up... I'm not ashamed to save.