It's okay to say the "c" word

Coupons that is!

I've come to terms with it. I am a coupon lady. I am a young 20 something and I am a coupon lady. I used to sort of be embarrassed when I approached the register or entered a store because I knew that "they knew the secret"... they being the store associates and the secret being that I used coupons, heaven forbid.

I have now come to appreciate my coupon lady status, however. Why? It's simple math. I save money. I just don't mind to clip coupons when I save the kind of money that I do. My informal savings tally just this year is now running into the thousands, thousands! Coming full circle in my coupon lady embrace, I have decided to make the best of my store experiences by doing the following:

  1. I enter the stores prepared. No one likes an absent-minded couponer. I try to always have exactly which coupons I am going to use clipped,organized and ready before I get into the register line. Can I get an amen from the customers that have stood in line behind me?
  2. I make conversation with the cashier & associates. I have overheard store clerks telling horror stories of their coupon customers. Typically, it has to do with someone being rude and adamant about a deal. I have found far more success when I go into a store, learn the names of the associates (since I'm there so frequently), make conversation, and show a genuine interest in people's lives. This helps tremendously when I need a manager's intervention or special deal. Managers have also told me about upcoming promotions and given me coupons before because they recognized me.
  3. I always stay on the up and up. There is a serious difference between someone getting a good deal and someone scamming for a good deal. I am becoming even more conscious about reading the coupon wording and specifics as to make sure that I am within the guidelines set by the stores and manufacturers.

    How about you? Have you accepted or embraced your couponer status? What strategies do you use when in the store?


Lisa said...

I really appreciate your thoughts on this subject. I have found that most cashiers enjoy watching what happens when I have my coupons.I am enjoying your blog.